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Minor in Digital Forensics

Administered by: Department of Mathematics and Digital Sciences
Effective Spring 2021

Digital Forensics is the acquisition of digital evidence in a legally sound way. The minor is designed to be flexible and to appeal to students with many different majors.

Required courses:

DIGFOR.121 Digital Forensics File Systems 1
DIGFOR.122 Digital Forensics File Systems 2

At least twelve credit hours from the following:

DIGFOR.219 Intro. To Linux for D.F.
DIGFOR.257 Secure System Design and Administration
DIGFOR.275 Introduction to Networks
DIGFOR.311 Security Fundamentals
DIGFOR.317 Digital Forensics Software
DIGFOR.318 Small Devices
DIGFOR.319 UNIX/LINUX for Digital Forensics
DIGFOR.331 Electronic Discovery
DIGFOR.351 Enterprise Network Investigations
DIGFOR.417 Advanced Topics in Digital Forensics ยท
DIGFOR.431 Current Issues in Cybercrime
DIGFOR.451 Malware Forensics
DIGFOR.471 Internet of Things (IoT) Forensics

Courses may have prerequisites.
At most six credit hours from a major may be used toward the minor.