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Minor in Data Science (DATASCI)

Administered by: Department of Mathematics and Digital Sciences

Effective Summer 2019

The program requires 21 hours of data science, computer science and mathematics courses. The quality point average of all courses applied to the minor in Data Science must be at least 2.0 based on a 4.0 system.

Required courses are:

COMPSCI.115 Python Programming

COMPSCI.215 Advanced Python Programming

MATH.141 Introduction to Statistics or MATH.241 Probability and Statistics

DATASCI.110 Introduction to Data Science

DATASCI.210 Data Visualization

DATASCI.410 Machine Learning

The remaining course (3 semester hours) may be selected from the following list:

DATASCI.310 Databases for Big Data

MATH.125 Calculus 1

MATH.240 Statistical Methods

MATH.340 Statistical Software

COMPSCI.348 Data Mining

COMPSCI.357 Data Base Design

An appropriate class from another department may be used as the elective course with approval by the Department of Mathematical and Digital Sciences.

Example: ITM.320 Data Science for Business