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Child Life Specialist (CLS) Certificate

Department of Teaching and Learning

Effective Summer 2019

The Child Life Specialist Certificate Program provides students with a comprehensive foundation of course work related to the growth and development of healthy and hospitalized children and adolescents. These varied courses provide a solid foundation required to support hospitalized children and their families. Students must earn at least a C in each course of this certificate program and must receive advisement from the Department of Teaching and Learning in regards to course selection. Courses marked with an asterisk (*) have prerequisites and courses marked with (+) are offered online.

Required Courses:

PROFSTUD.340 Children and Families in Medical Settings (+)

PROFSTUD.341 Death, Dying and Loss: Child and Family Perspectives (+)

PROFSTUD.342 Applied Research Methods (+)

PROFSTUD.347 Play and Expressive Arts for the Developing Child (*) (+)

PROFSTUD.414 Child, Family and Community Engagement (+)

PSYCH.211 Early Childhood Development (*)

PSYCH.212 Adolescent Development (*)

Choose any (3)

COMMSTUD.324 Health Communication (*)

COUNSEL.400/500 Introduction to the Helping Professions

COUNSEL.420/520 Human Development

PHIL.290 Medical Ethics

PHYSCH.210 Life Span Psychology (*)