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Minor in Professional Communication

Administered by Department of Communication Studies
Effective Spring 2020

The Professional Communication minor is designed to prepare students to engage in the communication skills necessary to succeed in their future careers.  Students will complete courses that are specifically geared toward developing communication skills that are valued in a variety of workplaces and organizations.

Students must meet with their minor advisor to identify an appropriate course sequence based on their interests and the course options offered.  Prerequisites for 300/400-level courses may be waived at the discretion of the department chair in consultation with the minor advisor and course instructor.

Core Requirements (6 credits)

Complete ONE of the following introductory communication skills courses:
COMMSTUD.103 Public Speaking
COMMSTUD.104 Interpersonal Communication
COMMSTUD.106 Small Group Communication
Complete ONE of the following research skills courses:
COMMSTUD.207 Communication Research Methods
COMMSTUD.209 Examining Communication

Required Courses (3 credits)

COMMSTUD.307 Communication for Business Professionals

Elective Requirements (9 credits)

Choose THREE courses from the list below, a minimum of TWO courses should be at the 400-level.
COMMSTUD.306 Computer Applications for Professional Communicators
COMMSTUD.313 Conflict Management & Resolution
COMMSTUD.315 Persuasion
COMMSTUD.321 Argument & Analysis
COMMSTUD.407 Interviewing
COMMSTUD.421 Crisis Communication
COMMSTUD.423 Communication Training in Organizations
COMMSTUD.427 Strategic Communication
COMMSTUD.428 Nonprofit Communication
COMMSTUD.429 Event Planning