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Minor in Linguistics

Administered by Department of English

Effective Summer 2018

Linguistics is a broad, interdisciplinary field, with exciting applications in disciplines including advertising, law, speech pathology, neuroscience, politics, and language teaching and learning. This minor will enhance study within students' major areas of study by facilitating exploration of linguistics and its significance across disciplines, by offering opportunities to engage in linguistics-focused research and discussion, and by bringing together a cohort of faculty and students across campus who share a passion for language study.

Students are required to take 6 courses/18 credit hours. The six chosen courses must come from three different disciplines (three different prefixes). Only two of the six courses used toward the linguistics minor can also be counted toward a student's major.

Choose one CORE course: (3 credits)

CSD 415: Basics of Language and Communication

ENGLISH.311 Structure of English

LANGCULT.400 Comparative Language Studies History and Linguistics

Choose two LOWER-DIVISION courses: (6 credits)

ASLTERP.225 Linguistics of ASL

CSD.152 Introduction to Communication Disorders

CSD.220 Phonetics

CSD.240 Normal Language Acquisition

COMMSTUD.205 Understanding Social Influence

COMMSTUD.220 Intercultural Communications

COMPSCI.121 Java Programming or COMPSCI.123 Visual Basic 1

ENGLISH.111 Language and Social Interaction

ENGLISH.212 English Grammar and Usage

FRENCH.205 French Phonetics

FRENCH.206 Structure of the French Language

GERMAN.205 Applied Phonetics and Pronunciation

LANGCULT.200 Comparative Cultural Studies

SPANISH.206 Structure of the Spanish Language

Any 200-level foreign language course (must be a language course, not a civilization course such as 211 or 212), list below

ASLTERP.226 American Sign Language 2

ASLTERP.257 American Sign Language 3

ARABIC.203 Intermediate Arabic 3

ARABIC.204 Intermediate Arabic 4

CHINESE.203 Chinese 3

CHINESE.204 Chinese 4

FRENCH.203 French 3

FRENCH.204 French 4

FRENCH.207 Conversation French Daily Life

GERMAN.203 German 3

GERMAN.204 German 4

GERMAN.206 Conversation and Composition l

GERMAN.207 Conversation and Composition 2

ITALIAN.203 Italian 3

RUSSIAN.203 Intermediate Russian l

RUSSIAN.204 Intermediate Russian 2

SPANISH.203 Spanish 3

SPANISH.204 Spanish 4

SPANISH.207 Conversation and Composition 1

Choose two UPPER-DIVISION courses: (6 credits)

CSD.415 Basics of Language and Communication

CSD.460 Psycholinguistics

ENGLISH.306 Theory and Practice of Writing

ENGLISH.311 Structure of English*

ENGLISH.312 History of the English Language

ENGLISH.412 Topics in Linguistics

LANGCULT.400 Comparative Language Studies History and Linguistics*

PHIL.418 Philosophy of Mind/Brain

PSYCH.406 Psychology Seminar, TOPIC Advanced Language Study

SPANISH.305 Applied Phonetics & Pronunciation

* When not selected as the required core course

Choose one ELECTIVE: (3 credits)

Any additional lower-division or upper-division course from the lists above