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Minor in Health Communication

Administered by the Department of Communication Studies

Effective Spring 2020

Students must meet with their minor advisor to identify an appropriate course sequence based on their interests and the course options offered. Prerequisites for 300/400-level courses in Communication Studies may be waived at the discretion of the department chair in consultation with the minor advisor and course instructor.

Take All Three Core Requirements (9 credits)

COMMSTUD.104 Interpersonal Communication

COMMSTUD.207 Communication Research Methods

COMMSTUD.324 Health Communication

Choose One of these Communication Studies Courses (3 credits)

Students may substitute an additional Health Communication-Focused course in place of this Communication Studies Course, if available.

COMMSTUD.220 Intercultural Communication

COMMSTUD.313 Conflict Management and Resolution

COMMSTUD.315 Persuasion

COMMSTUD.419 Family Communication

Choose One of these Health Communication-Focused Courses (3 credits)

COMMSTUD.433 Patient-Provider Communication

COMMSTUD.434 E-Health Communication

COMMSTUD.491 Special Topics in Health Communication

Choose ONE of these Elective Courses (3 credits)

Courses with prerequisites are noted with an *

ANTHRO.102 Anthropology and World Problems

ANTHRO.200 Principles of Cultural Anthropology

*ANTHRO.240 Native North America

ANTHRO.320 Contemporary World Cultures

*ANTHRO.333 Ethnic Identity in the United States

ANTHRO.350 Medical Anthropology

ANTHRO.380 Men and Women

*ANTHRO.390 Socialization of the Child

BIOLOGY.173 Anatomy and Physiology I

BIOLOGY.205 Introduction to Nutrition

BIOLOGY.230 Human Sexuality

BIOLOGY.231 Biology of Aging

*COMMSTUD.433 Patient-Provider Communication

*COMMSTUD.434 E-Health Communication

*COMMSTUD.491 Special Topics in Health Communication

ECONOMIC.150 Introduction to Health Economics

*ECONOMIC.380 Health Economics

EXERSCI.280 Current Issues in Health Promotion

EXERSCI.285 Exercise and Mental Health

ITM.468 Healthcare Informatics

MASSCOMM.251 PR Theory and Practice

NURSING.100 Personal Health: A Multidimensional Perspective

NURSING.217 Alcohol: Use and Abuse

NURSING.230 Drug Use and Abuse in Society

NURSING.240 Contemporary

NURSING.451 Transcultural Health Issues

PHIL.290 Medical Ethics

PSYCH.131 Psychology of Adjustment

*PSYCH.210 Lifespan Psychology

*PSYCH.211 Early Childhood Development

*PSYCH.212 Adolescent Psychology

*PSYCH.218 Principles of Gerontology

*PSYCH.235 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology

*PSYCH.311 Adulthood and Aging

*SOC.470 Seminar in Sociology: Medical Sociology

Students may count a COMMSTUD course on this list, as their elective, if it has not already been used to satisfy one of the requirements above.