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Minor in Archaeology

Administered by Department of Anthropology

Effective Fall, 2022

Required MINOR courses (18 credits):

Introduction: ANTHRO.210 Prehistoric Archaeology (3) Thought & Theory: ANTHRO.300 Archeological Method & Theory (3) Method in Practice: Archaeology Minor Electives (9); see list below* Regional Prehistory Case Study: Theory in Practice (3): ANTHRO.310, 311, 312 or 495***

Archaeology Minor Electives

Electives are 3 credits unless otherwise specified.

ANTHRO.221 Forensic Anthropology                  EGGS.160 Digital Earth              
ANTHRO.250 Neanderthals                                 EGGS.242 Map Use & Analysis
ANTHRO.301 Field Archaeology (6)**                 EGGS.320 Remote Sensing
ANTHRO.310 Aztecs and Mayas                        EGGS.360 GIS1
ANTHRO.311 Archaeology of the NE                  EGGS.480 Applied Geophysics
ANTHRO.312 South American Archaeology      
ANTHRO.385 Anthro Research & Writing ***      EGGS.120 Physical Geology (4)
ANTHRO.466 Independent Study ***                  EGGS.213 Soils Science
ANTHRO.495 Special Topics ***                         EGGS.265.Geomorphology (4)                    
ANTHRO.497 Internship in Anthropology ***      EGGS.313 Soil Morphology Pract. (1)    
                                                                              EGGS.413 Soil Morph., Genesis, Class.
ARTHSTRY.451 Exhibition:  Study & Practice   
BIOLOGY.200 Dendrology                                   EGGS.271 Fundamentals of Hydrology
BIOLOGY.252 Field Zoology                                EGGS.301 Water Resources Mgmt.
BIOLOGY.263 Field Botany                                 EGGS.380 Dams, Reservoirs & Rivers
BIOLOGY.351Ecology (4)                                    EGGS.471 Applied Surface Hydrology

Highly recommended: course(s) in statistics; foreign language proficiency_

*Electives should be selected in consultation with adviser(s) to facilitate overlap between student interest and major to develop and enhance field, lab, and/or analysis skills to better achieve individual student career goals. 
**Or equivalent field program/field school/research program through another university or institution ANTHRO.301.
***Depending on topic.