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Academic Catalog

Minor in Latin American Studies

Administered by the Latin American Studies Minor Advisory Board and the Department of English

Effective Fall 2008

A. Spanish Language Required Six (6) Credits

Six credits Spanish Language (minimum), from the following courses:

SPANISH.102, 203, 204, 206, 207, 250, 305, 306, 350, 402, 403

B. Focus Courses-Twelve (12) Credits

Twelve credits (four classes) from at least two different departments. No more than one additional course in Languages and Cultures may be counted toward the minor in the remaining 12 credit focus requirement.


ANTHRO.310 Aztecs and Mayans

ANTHRO.312 South American Archaeology

ANTHRO.370 Indigenous Cultures of Modern Mexico

ANTHRO.450 Peoples and Cultures of South America

ANTHRO.240 Native North Americans*

ANTHRO.320 Contemporary World Cultures*

ANTHRO.333 Ethnic Identity in the U.S.*

ANTHRO.475 Field Methods in Cultural Anthropology*

ANTHRO.495 Special Topics in Anthropology*

ANTHRO.497 Internship in Anthropology (3-15)*


ENGLISH.281 US Latino Literature

ENGLISH.152 Literature and society*

ENGLISH.156 Popular Literature*

ENGLISH.288 Feminist Reading of Culture*

ENGLISH.386 Studies in Contemporary Literature*

ENGLISH.388 Gender/Race/Class*

ENGLISH.480 Special Topics*

ENGLISH.481 Special Topics*

ENGLISH.495 Independent Study in English (3-6)*

ENGLISH.497 English Internship (1-12)*


HISTORY.142 Latin America: From European Colonization to the Present

HISTORY.453 Problems of Contemporary Latin America

HISTORY.224 The Immigrant Experience*

HISTORY.397 Independent Study in History (1-4)*

HISTORY.404 Topics in American History*

Languages and Cultures

SPANISH.212 Spanish American Culture and Civilization

SPANISH.213 Hispanic Culture and Literature in the U.S.

SPANISH.214 Hispanic Culture and Civilization (taught in Spanish)

SPANISH.222 Latin American Culture through Film

SPANISH.421 Spanish American Literature

SPANISH.281-289 Special Topics*

SPANISH.290 Spanish Study Abroad (1-9)*

SPANISH.331 Literary Analysis of Hispanic Texts

SPANISH.390 Internship in Spanish (3-9)*

SPANISH.422 Hispanic Theatre and Poetry*

SPANISH.430 Hispanic Short Story*

SPANISH.490 Independent Study in Spanish (1-9)*

Other Departments

INTSTUDY.111 Introduction to Peoples of the Third World (Course content and objectives and/or practicum must be directly related to the Latin American Studies Minor)

Internships and Study Abroad Programs

Credits acquired through Internships and/or Study Abroad in Latin American countries (Mexico and Puerto Rico exchange programs through Bloomsburg University and/or other abroad programs) may count toward the minor if they relate directly to it. Consult with the LAS coordinator before undertaking an internship or exchange program for LAS Minor credit.

Additional Courses by Petition

Students taking courses they believe appropriate to the minor but not listed here may petition for approval of these courses. By these means appropriate coursework at BU and transferred from other universities may be included for credit in the minor, including appropriate language courses in French, Portuguese, and indigenous languages. Provide the LAS coordinator with a course syllabus.